Message From Ceo
Dear fellow friends,
On behalf of the GHG family, I welcome you to take a virtual tour of our company. We value our commitments to our stakeholders to be the global purveyor of healthy green lifestyle. Our effort to green the world starts from home and we hope to spread this message through our Greenite family at GHG and through you.
In educating the public on the benefits of green produce, our rewards are doubled through our collaboration with many other entities to spread the healthy anthem and seeing how our nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics change people’s life for the better. Our message is clear. We want everyone to live a Green healthy lifestyle to lessen the burden of ailments on themselves, their families and the nation as a whole.
We have exciting new products lined up to meet different demands and needs in any locale around the world. While we do have products that treat and heal, our focus has always been on the preventative side of healthcare. We want to make aware that prevention is always the better alternative, in both monetary and psychological sense.
We hope that GHG will play an integral role in the peoples’ daily lives and to afford them the ultimate luxury – healthy living.
Yours sincerely,
MR. Lim Keh Kuan
Chief Executive Greenite
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