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Hippophae, the sea-buckthorns, are deciduous shrubs in the family Elaeagnaceae. It is also referred to as sandthorn, sallowthorn or seaberry. Seabuckthorn is the most valuable forest tree species contain natural vitamin and its vitamin C content is much higher than that of fresh dates and kiwi, which is known as the treasure house of natural vitamins. It has high nutritional, therapeutic and medicinal values.
Containing an impressive nutritional profile; a variety of vitamins, fatty acid, trace elements, flavonoids, antioxidants and amino acids. Every 100 gram of sea buckthorn fruits contain 10.5 gram of protein, 6.8 gram of fats, 20 grams of sugar, 3-4 milligrams of organic acids and also contains variety of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it also contains high amount of vitamin C, highest among most of the fruits.
The health effects of sea buckthorn fruits have been known to Tibetan medicine for over 1000 years. It was discovered that locals who often consumed sea buckthorn fruit rarely get sick, health improved and recovered from gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular diseases. 100 years ago, the former Russian scientists conducted researches on sea buckthorn fruits, it was discovered that sea buckthorn fruits contains 30 types of active ingredients, which helps to treat gastrointestinal diseases, gastric ulcer, cardiovascular disease and other health related problems and significantly strengthen immune’s system.
Sea buckthorn fruits have high medicinal values; it can strengthen immune’s system, prevents cancer, reduces radiation damage, regulates blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, relives angina pectoris and prevents atherosclerosis. Moreover, sea buckthorn fruit oil contains fatty acids, hydrocarbon, sterols and phospholipids, which are the main component of skin care. These components are easily absorbed by skin, works similar to sebum, can significantly improves cycle of skin cells, promotes skin micro-circulation, inhibits lipid peroxidation,, accelerates skin metabolisms, slows down aging process, anti-wrinkles, whitening, reduces melasma and acnes.

Skin is truly representative of both internal and external well-being. An adequate nutrition intake will develop a healthy skin. In daily routine of skin care, external application of skincare plays an important role to develop a healthy and glowing skin. Sea buckthorn’s natural vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, acidic in aqueous solution and naturally occurring antioxidant, helped to protect skin against ultraviolet damage. Sea buckthorn’s natural vitamin C involved variety of reactions in our body, such as participates in redox processes and absorbs ultraviolet light, inhibits formation of melanin by inhibits enzyme of tyrosine/ Dopachrome to reduce pigmentation such as freckles, age spots and so on. Moreover, sea buckthorn’s natural vitamin C promotes skin collagen synthesis, increases skin elasticity, inhibits lipids peroxidation which helps to shrink pores, whitening skin, makes your skin becomes fair, smooth and glowing!
Sea buckthorn’s Natural Vitamin C
1st step: Anti-wrinkles
FEATURES: regulates cell activity, activates genes involved in extracellular matrix remodeling and cell proliferation RESULTS: repairs cells, activates cell communication, reduces lines, wrinkles and roughness
2nd step: Rejuvenation
FEATURES: acts as a protective layer of skin, tighten up your skin RESULTS: smooth wrinkles, firms skin, improves skin elasticity and improves skin gloss
3rd step: Treatment
FEATURES: slows down the symptoms of aging; stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin quality RESULTS: helps to delay premature skin aging, prolongs cell life, and improves skin’s elasticity and firmness, keep your skin moisturized and smooth.
Moisturized skin is a symbol of youth, while sebum oxidation is one of the main reasons of skin aging. Sea buckthorn’s natural vitamin C involved in redox process, acts as an anti-oxidant to protect protein content in sebum and cell membrane and also moisture in the skin. It also promotes regeneration of cells, prolongs aging process of cells and reduces skin infection. Moreover, it moisturizes skin collagen fibers and elastic fibers, to improve skin elasticity and promotes blood circulation in the skin. Sea buckthorn’s natural vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other hydrating ingredients complement each other to make your skin moisturized, smooth and glowing!
Hyaluronic acid can make your skin smoother and more elastic. Application of sea buckthorn’s natural vitamin C can improves collagen production, improves mechanism of skin, increases skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, improves skin complexion and firmness, makes your skin fresh, supple and elastic. Hydrolyzed oat protein, β- glucan and vitamin E have anti-wrinkle and firming effect, if applied with sea buckthorn’s natural vitamin C, can make your skin looks firm and smooth!
Our product contain double anti-allergy ingredients - Sea buckthorn + Tetrandrine extract. Sea buckthorn has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, repair, whitening, anti-wrinkle, detoxification and other effects. Our product contains 100% natural wild sea buckthorn fruit extract, can make your skin healthy and avoids allergy problems.

Tetrandrine extract is extracted from natural plants - Stephanlatetrandran. It has been used widely in anti-tumor and cancer. Moreover, it was discovered by scientists that it has a significant effect on allergy, inflammation and itchiness problems because it is has reliable and therapeutic effects against allergies. Tetrandrine extract has a very well anti-inflammatory mechanism, it able to cope with almost all of the inflammatory response.

Of course, the most amazing features of these two natural ingredients are their potent antiinflammatory and anti-allergic effect- it will not causes any side effects, drug resistance as they are non-steroids but 100% natural ingredients!
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