Contract Research & Manufacturing Organization (CRMO)

GHG Inc. is a Contract Research & Manufacturing Organization (CRMO) that provides one-stop services for our clients that is tailored according to their individual needs. As a CRMO, we set ourselves apart from other OEM and ODM manufacturers with our innovative business platform that allows our clients to have access to our wide range of services and business affiliates. We provide clients with research capability, resources development, manufacturing capacity, branding, new material selection, logistical support as well as a participation in our global purchase scheme.

At GHG we have a vested interest in our clients’ success and as such we will advise and recommend the best solution to each client. We enjoy long working relationship with our clients, bringing them through product development cycles that would see their products updated and innovated on a regular basis in sync with the advancement in capability or technology.
Our benefits to our clients at GHG (CRMO) include;

• The newest and most innovative green health products
• The most advanced biotechnology and research facilities
• Global purchase scheme
• Internationally recognized standard of quality and safety
• Global company with local characteristics

Core Services

1.1 Research
GHG carries out research for its clients through its in-house laboratory Green Life Research Center (GLRC) based in Jacksonville, Florida and Beijing, China. GLRC is affiliated with universities as well as independent research labs across Europe and Asia that it constantly engages to be updated with the latest advancement in technology and research.

1.2 Manufacturing
Our manufacturing facilities are located in Beijing and comprise of state-of-the-art biotech equipments. We also have partnering facilities that we work with and they are selected based on their reliability and safety track record throughout the years of operation. People generally have a negative perception with regards to China’s manufacturing facilities but with our technicians providing on-going training and specific and exacting standards; we have managed to maintain standards that exceed European accreditation on safety and reliability on all fronts.

1.3 Legal
Bureaucratic red-tape is a big pain and strain on corporate resources. We have a system in place that will help you maneuver through the legal wrangles in the shortest time possible by preparing all the documentations for the registration of your products with local regulatory bodies, import and export permits, Halal and trademark application.

1.4 Branding
Our in-house Advertising + Promotion Division will guide you through the entire branding exercise from conceptualization to end product. Our in-house graphic design team will cater to your logo and packaging design. Our A&P team can also help you select marketing materials and tools that are tailored to your marketing strategy.

1.5 Logistics
Logistics are handled from our Hong Kong-based Green Health Solution Ltd. Our global logistics coordinator will handle all the logistics to ensure that your shipment arrives at your doorstep anywhere in the world at the appointed time.
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