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The forefront of GHG’s pioneer in preventive Healthcare & Skincare industry
The Green Life Research Center (GLRC) is at the heart of GHG’s operations. We started as a research firm and we continue to be one that is constantly evolving and improving. GLRC stays up-to-date with the latest innovations and technological changes through updating our equipments and our collaborative work with universities and research labs in the Eastern and Western hemisphere through GLRC’s division in both Florida, USA and Beijing, China.

Our aim is to create innovative and effective green healthcare products through the use of advanced technology combined with the study of natural ingredients.
At GLRC, we continuously source for undeveloped natural ingredients with historical records of its efficacy, usually recorded through anecdotal evidence.

Beyond that we also constantly improve the potency and usage of established ingredients using newer and more advanced biotechnology. Using up-to-date extraction and delivery techniques also enables us to put a new twist and further develop scientifically proven ingredients.
Some of our more notable researches include:
In collaboration with: Soochow University, Kyushu University

In one of our more successful experiments, we have managed to produce the Kyushu Saffron with the assistance of Prof. Yukihiro Shoyama from the University of Kyushu. The Kyushu saffron produces three flowers from a single bulb as opposed to the usual one and its stigma contains more than 5 times the active properties of the average saffron plant.

It has been developed as a nutraceutical to lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure and also as a cerebral relaxant.
In collaboration with: American Institute of Cancer Research,
Inner Mongolia University

We have a great partner in American Institute of Cancer Research and together we have been working on a cure for cancer from the miracle berry that is Hippophae rhamnoides or commonly known as sea buckthorn. Based on research findings, it is thought that due to the antioxidant proprieties of sea buckthorn, it may have chemopreventive and antitumorigenic efficacy. We also found that it provides protection to whole mice, various tissues, cells and cell organelles against lethal irradiation. Our research builds on this foundation and we are working to deliver a clinical treatment that is chemical-free and targets specific cancerous cells. In the meantime however our research has yield a range of nutraceuticals formulated from this antioxidant rich berry.
In collaboration with: University of North Florida

Our stem cell research is still in its developmental stage. Our aim is to proliferate cells that are identical to various organ parts for the purpose of studying these cells, testing new products and its effect on these cells and ultimately to regenerate new cells at the targeted organs to treat various diseases.
In collaboration with: University of California, Los Angeles

BioAccel™ is the brainchild of Prof. Keith Long and together with two senior researchers at GLRC spent more than 10 years in researching and perfecting the formula that works as a bioavailability booster. BioAccel™ also doubles as an active multiplier of ingredients, boosting their effectiveness and delivery.

It is scalable and complements most natural ingredients as its compound is designed to split targeted molecules into finer nano-particles for better absorption rate and enhanced efficacy without compromising stability of said active ingredients. It shortens the delivery span of active ingredients from natural sources and multiplies the effect of the same ingredient, effectively cutting down the usage of said ingredient and producing faster result.
In collaboration with: Univeristy of North Florida, Fudan University

BLC-5U™ is the proprietary marine anti-aging formula developed by Prof. Takyuki Eita and his team of dermatologist, marine biologist and biotech researchers over a 12 years period. This anti-aging formula is made up of three main ingredients: Alaskan Deep Sea Cod, Jellyfish mucin and Hyaluronic Acid and Haematococcus pluvialis. It is formulated for anti-aging and firming of the skin as well as reviving and replenishing the cellular structure of the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin with nutrients and minerals. It also offers a layer of protection to the skin against external damage caused by environmental pollution and UV rays.
In collaboration with: Xiamen University, Inner Mongolia University

The numerous health benefits claims of this ingredient is the key factor that lured us to carry out a study to verify those claims and to see how we can turn it into effective nutraceuticals. Research shows that pine pollen powder benefits all by being the most potent plant source of testosterone known. Pine pollen powder's claim to fame is the potent androgenic effect it has on the body. It contains bio-available androstenedione, testosterone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), androsterone and a wide variety of other steroidal type substances (which unlike synthetic steroids, are perfectly safe)! Our study into the efficacy of pine pollen led us to crack its cell walls will enable us to derive higher potency value from its active ingredients. We have now successfully formulated and propagated a series of nutraceuticals from this single potent ingredient.
In collaboration with: Fudan University

Also known as Five leaf gynostemma or Jiaogulan, this herb is commonly used in China for centuries as a traditional medicine. We have incorporated the latest extraction technique and biotech research work to find innovative new use for the Five leaf gynostemma. Our research has enabled us to develop this ingredient into the focal point of a series of nutraceutical products that is used for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure as well as boosting body’s overall immune system. There are many other uses for this plant and we have managed to increase its potency using the latest biotech advancement for faster and more measured results.
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